Frequently Asked Questions
Memberships provide access to our community Slack channels and access to regular office hours on Zoom. Students can find value in learning about specific topics and/or getting feedback on various techniques/approaches they have tried.
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Typal Academy has many costs to be maintained. Our mission is to aid all aspiring math students, and this membership helps ensure many of our resources are open-sourced. This is similar to the idea of buying a coffee for future students that come after you.
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Typal Academy focuses on processes rather than answers to particular problems. We are not a homework solution directory. Instead, we provide a tool for students that really want to grapple with the ideas, how to visualize concepts, and how to present clear and rigorous solutions. To this end, unique features include active discussion, office hours, insight visuals, and the ability to practice on mock exams.
Textbooks are typically dense and hard to read. Typal Academy is evolving and continually adding new content based on user feedback. If you have questions, you are encouraged to hit up the discussion forums on Slack so our community can help!
Yes! Members can message directly on Slack whenever or come to Office Hours twice a week. For those seeking more specialized assistance, some private tutoring is available.
Some notes are available for download: lecture slides and mock exams. However, the notes/examples on each webpage are being optimized for web usage and are not available for download.
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