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The resource for undergraduate real analysis and optimization students.

Our Mission.

Empower math students via discussion, insightful visuals, and rigorous explanations.
An increasing number of STEM jobs interact with big data. The proof-based “weed out” classes should not deter students from the math courses needed for these jobs.
Typal levels the educational playing field for proof-based courses by providing students affordable and approachable resources together with peer discussion.

How it Works.

Typal Academy provides several resources, with three levels of usage.
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Our Courses.

Click below to jump into the content for one of our courses. Real analysis content is presently focused on aligning with MATH 131A and 131B at UCLA.

Why use Typal?

Typal provides a combination of tools that is unavailable from traditional textbooks, tutors, or entirely video-based lectures.
Check out our forum if you want to ask questions or attend Zoom office hours.
We are rolling out animated cartoon explainer videos for analysis. Stay tuned!
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